"Funky Fantasy" interview and MP3 samples

[04.01.01] » "Popular Tokyo DJs" to remix Final Fantasy tunes for Final Fantasy X minigame.

   Video-Senki has translated an interview from the latest Weekly Famitsu regarding the Final Fantasy X dancing minigame, "Funky Fantasy." Unlike what was reported earlier, Nobuo Uematsu will not be remixing the songs found in the minigame. Instead, Square has commissioned "popular Tokyo DJs" to remix songs from the Final Fantasy series. No other Square games are expected to have their songs remixed. Uematsu, however, will be composing some original music for the minigame.

   The interview also revealed that a new summon spell will only available through Funky Fantasy. Astute GIA readers Jeff Read and Richard Nakamura pointed out that the name of the new summon creature unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show -- previously translated by the GIA as "Valfaré" -- is similar to the popular Japanese nightclub Velfarre. The Velfarre is famous for its game music nights and game "cosplay" events; additionally, the club is closely tied to Avex Trax, Japan's premiere dance music and production studio. Avex Trax previously provided the musical talent for games like the first Bust-a-Groove. Given this close connection, it's likely that the "Velfarre" summon will be the one available from the Funky Fantasy minigame; it could also be a sign that Avex Trax will provide some or all of the minigame's music.

   Video-Senki also links to DJ Majestic's website, one of the DJs chosen to remix Square's music. Majestic recently posted short MP3 samples of two of his Final Fantasy remixes. We can't be certain these will match the remixes found in the finished game, as they are still works in progress, but they are sufficient to give listeners an idea of how the minigame will sound.

"Eyes on Me" remix
MP3, 0:29, 577 KB
"Melodies of Life" remix
MP3, 0:28, 555 KB

Famitsu Interview

Weekly Famitsu (F): Th, this is...

Yoshinori Kitase (Director) (K): What do you think? (laughs)

Tetsuya Nomura (Character Design) (N): It's 'Dance Dance Fantasy!' (laughs)

K: Actually we're calling it 'Funky Fantasy.' It was Nomura's idea, so don't get angry at me! (laughs)

N: Well, you could say that I am a big fan of music games, so...

F: This is a minigame in FFX?

K: That's right.

N: You can use Konami's Dancing Controller if you want to. It was actually my idea, and everyone said, "Nomura, now you've really done it! Go back to making Disney RPG!"

(Everybody laughs)

F: But you can use the regular controller as well?

N: Yes, of course.

K: This is the first time you've drawn in-game graphics since FFVI, isn't it?

N: Well, except for character portraits, that's right.

F: So Mr. Nomura has drawn the graphics for 'Funky Fantasy?'

N: Only the character graphics, but I am the director of the minigame as a whole. The idea is that in the world of FFX nightclubs are really popular, and people can win prizes based on their dancing ability.

K: Some of these special items can only be won through dancing, and...

N: There is even a summon spell that you can only get...

K: Shh! (laughs)

F: A dancing summon spell??

K: No, he didn't say that! (laughs)

F: So you can play Funky Fantasy in several areas?

K: Yes, it's kind of like the card game in VIII. There is a club in every big town. Eventually, you might be able to face the Dance King!

N: But only if you are good! (laughs)

F: What will the music be like? Is Mr. Uematsu composing dance music?

N: Um...

K: Well, we asked popular Tokyo DJs to do remixes of famous FF songs, actually.

N: And Uematsu is doing some original music. It's new for him, though. (laughs)

F: Famous FF songs?

K: Yes, the most popular tracks, like Laguna's battle music from VIII. But also...

N: Vocal songs!

F: Do you mean like 'Eyes on Me?!'

N: Just look at the screen shot and I'm sure you'll understand. (laughs)

F: Is there also a remix of 'Suteki Da Ne?'

K: Nomura really wanted to do one, but Nojima (lyricist of 'Suteki Da Ne') wouldn't let him.

N: He said it would damage the image of Yuna. But I'll do it next time! (laughs)

F: Thank you very much.

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