The GIA Mirror -- A short letter to GIA fans

Before you close the window: Yes, this is an unofficial mirror of The GIA as it looked before it shut down. You're not in the wrong place in case you expected that. But read on for the "but":

On April 1, 2002, The GIA closed its doors. I found that site much too late in its lifetime. In the few months that I've read it regularly, I got quite attached to it and actually consider it to have been one of the better gaming review websites out there. When I heard that they're closing, I struggled to grab a mirror of their site and started offering it here. Unfortunately, my copy contained only about 2 GB of the total 8 GB of files.

Thanks to the help of a GIA fan who knew another GIA fan who has a full copy of the GIA, I was able to complete the mirror on May 23, 2006, 4 years after starting it. This person collected tens of thousands of files from several CDs, put them on two DVDs and sent them on a trip from the USA to Switzerland. Without him, we wouldn't have this mirror now.

If some parts of the mirror are still incomplete and you'd like to help by donating files, please send me a message and I will tell you how you can contribute.

I hope you find the mirror useful!

Ramon Cahenzli


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June 11, 2009: Took down the forums, nothing but spam nowadays, even though the spam filter was quite effective people rarely ever posted. There are backups if you want them.

Since February 25, 2007, we now have a bunch of forums to celebrate our nostalgia in :)