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A list of people and companies so ignorant that they use the Swiss national flag in place of the Red Cross

I was under the impression that anyone who has been through elementary school knows the difference between the Swiss national flag (white cross on red background) and the Red Cross/Red Crescent (red cross (duh!) or red crescent on white background...

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Die Teutonismen "deshalb" und "deswägä" im Schweizerdeutschen

Immer wieder überhort man in der Stadt Zürich solche Konstruktionen:

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Mit dem Elektroauto an die Nordsee

Unser erster grosser Ausflug mit dem Elektroauto: Von der Schweiz bis an die Nordseeküste und zurück.

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Marrying Pulseaudio to KDE's multimedia settings

If you’re running KDE and Pulseaudio and have the problem that you can’t configure your audio sources in KDE’s multimedia settings, there might just be a component missing:

apt install vlc-plugin-pulse

I’m not sure if this is usually part of some...

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Syncing Sailfish OS’s native calendar/contacts with ownCloud

I just found this very helpful blog post by Alexander, listing the proper CalDAV/CardDAV URLs to use with SyncEvolution on Sailfish OS if you want to sync with ownCloud. Make sure to make backups of your contacts and calendars before you start, since...

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Switched away from StartSSL, back to CACert certificates (and then to Comodo)

After the Heartbleed bug and having to regenerate all my certs, I went back to CACert certificates. Why? Because StartCom turned out to be wankers about the whole thing and handled themselves really badly.

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Das deutsche "versueche" verdrängt "probiere"

Eine neue Konstruktion aus Deutschland ist “versuechä” statt “probiere”. In der Primarschule hatten wir uns immer drüber lustig gemacht, wenn jemand in einem hochdeutschen Satz “probieren” benutzt hat, auch wenn es nicht um eine Kleideranprobe ging...

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An input method for Chinese in KDE 4

If you need Chinese character input in KDE (typing in pinyin and then selecting the correct word), it’s quite simple on Debian GNU/Linux:apt-get install task-chinese-s-kde-desktop fcitx-pinyin That’s all there is to it. Afterwards you should be able...

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A secure, free alternative to WhatsApp that is fully under your control

With Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, many people are turning to alternatives such as Threema or MyEnigma. But these alternatives, while offering better security than WhatsApp, are still based on proprietary technology and controlled by a single...

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Unsere Software in Schweizerdeutsch

Letztes Jahr hat man ein Riesengschiss veranstaltet, als Swatch seinen Jahresbericht in Schweizerdeutsch auslieferte. Dabei ist unsere Ausleihsoftware leihs bereits seit 2009 (!) auch in Züritüütsch erhältlich, und Teamkollege Ugo hat die Übersetzung...

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Swiss churches pay for pro-church-tax campaign using church tax

In Switzerland, any registered company is forced by the government to pay a percentage of its income as church tax. This feels like something out of the middle ages, and so political parties in several cantons are now launching an initiative to remove...

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The first week with a Jolla phone and Sailfish OS

I’ve had my Jolla phone for a little over a week now and I’ve completely switched off my Android phone. Time to see how well things are going!

Some native applications I had to grab from alternative sources:

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Enabling vsync when using Bumblebee on Debian wheezy or higher

I ran into the problem that nvidia-settings seems to be unable to display any vsync/sync to vblank settings when using Bumblebee.

I think I’ve fixed it by setting the __GL_SYNC_TO_VBLANK environment variable before running optirun:

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The slow and painful act of ungoogling yourself, part 7: Deleting your account

So you’ve found replacements for all the things you used to get from Google, and you’re ready to delete your account. Nice! Good job. I just did the same thing yesterday:

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The slow and painful act of ungoogling yourself, part 6: Browsers and syncing

There is something that is so basic and common to using the Internet that I perhaps overlooked it in my earlier articles: the web browser.

Google Chrome has been gaining market share at an alarming rate over the last few years. Whatever Google’s marketing...

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Nightwish - Amaranth (misheard lyrics)

It was 6 years ago when misheard lyrics videos were at the height of fashion. Especially those using songs from the band Nightwish, as their former singer didn’t have very good diction and so was a prime target for mishearing.

Back then I tried my...

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Please use my new GPG/PGP public key from now on

I’ve switched from an ancient 1024-bit to a new 4096-bit key. Thanks to the excellent entry at the Debian Administration blog, this wasn’t very hard.

You can read all about the change in my transition statement:

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The slow and painful act of ungoogling yourself, part 5: Translation, dictionaries and online video

After all my other posts and about a year of activity on the subject of ungoogling yourself, I have come to the point where I only depend on Google for two things:

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The slow and painful act of ungoogling yourself, part 4: Mobile phone operating systems

Google’s Android rules the mobile phone market like some sort of ad-flinging gorilla, and it’s not easy to escape its grasp. On a default Android phone your mouth is firmly pressed against several of Google’s teats:

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Nerddom in a post-PC world

Hey, nerds! Everyone has gone post-PC! People even do their email on a smudged glarey-glossy tablet! Your data is “in the cloud”, not in your home!

How do we keep our nerddom in this crazy, dumbed-down world? Tablets and smartphones are pretty hermetically...

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Das "do" wird zum "hiär"

Ich weiss, es gibt Dialekte, die wirklich “hier” statt “do” verwenden. Züritüütsch gehört meines Wissens aber nicht dazu.

Heute beobachtet: Eine ganze erster Klasse voller Zürcher, und davon sagen mehrere solche Sachen wie “chum hiär herä” oder “du...

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Latest WINE package for Debian GNU/Linux

I wanted to play Borderlands 2 on GNU/Linux, and so I set up a completely automated build environment that creates Debian packages out of the very latest WINE development source code.

Yeah, I know I’m overdoing it a bit, but if you’d like to use my...

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Common problems in full-stack browser-based testing

If you do any full-stack testing of JavaScript-heavy apps, I feel very sad for you. But maybe spape from my team at work can lift the sadness a bit with this useful list of common problems in full-stack browser-based testing and their solutions, e...

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You cannot buy an ebook in Switzerland without surrendering to two foreign companies

I recently started reading Dan Simmons’ Hyperion Cantos. It’s a fantastic series of books. I had downloaded a cracked MOBI format version from somewhere – something that is legal in Switzerland.

However, I also want the publisher and hopefully Dan...

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The slow and painful act of ungoogling yourself, part 3: Maps

This is just a short article to let you know that life without Google’s mapping and navigation systems is possible.

For mapping, I now use OpenStreetMapon the PC and OsmAndon Android. For navigation, I also use OsmAnd on Android and Yournavigation

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